Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report January 2006

GON Staff | January 1, 2006

Bartletts Ferry: Level: 1.4 feet below full pool. Temp: 52 degrees. Clarity: Clear.

Bass: Spots are deep and largemouths are shallow. To catch good numbers of fish and have a ball, get a jigging spoon and head to Halawakee Creek. Jim Pass said to look for humps in water 22- to 25-feet deep, and drop a 3/4-oz. Hopkins spoon into the schools. For bigger bites, rip a 3/4-oz. chrome/blue Rat-L-Trap around the seawalls. Some guys are catching big bass on a jig ’n pig right now while flipping boat docks. “The guys who do that well are looking for a few big bites a day,” Jim said. “If you want to catch 50 fish, try a spoon.”

Linesides: Stripers, hybrids, white bass, catfish and spotted bass are schooling in the area between Chambless Marina and the bridge. Again, the spoon bite is on. “Any of the humps between Chambless and the bridge can be really good,” Jim said. “You’ll catch a bunch of fish dropping a jigging spoon, and there’s no telling what you’ll hook. You can catch big stripers all the way down to small white bass, and even catfish.” Jim and a partner caught 60 to 70 fish just using the jigging spoon on Friday, December 16.

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