Bartletts Ferry Fishing Report August 2012

GON Staff | August 2, 2012

Bartletts Ferry: Level: 0.9 feet below full pool. Temp: Upper 80s. Clarity: Clear to light stain.

Bass: Good. Dennis Hudson said the bite has picked up some, and it’s taking 10 to 12 pounds to win his Tuesday evening tournaments. He said the best thing going is the topwater bite upriver. The best sacks he’s seen came from anglers floating with the current upriver and throwing a thousand casts at the banks with a topwater frog. Some fish have also finally moved into the grass on the main lake. Dennis said a Texas-rigged Zoom Mag II in green pumpkin has produced pretty well around the grass edges. However, a Sweet Beaver has outproduced the worm on some days. There are still a few mayfly hatches popping up from time to time. If you see one happening, fish a Pop-R or a Trick Worm around the action. Trick Worms are also producing some fish on the top end of the lake around shallow wood cover. Small fish are schooling up around the bridge in Halawakee Creek, like they do every summer. Dennis said you can catch them on a small topwater, a Trick Worm or a shaky head, although some guys prefer to fish a fly behind a popping cork.

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