GON Kids: Metter High Schoolers Build Duck Boxes

Brad Gill | April 9, 2019

Students at Metter High School (MHS)  recently built 110 duck nesting boxes that will be installed in Candler and surrounding counties. The effort was thanks to a partnership with the Duck Conservation Society and the high school’s Ag teachers, Blake Jeffers and Jon Milligan.

“We are hoping this project encourages other counties and schools to get behind duck conservation,” said Blake Jeffers, a name you might recognize from GON video work Blake has done.

The Ag, FFA and Hunting and Fishing clubs at MHS built the boxes. On March 1, the school hosted a Duck Box Field Day and invited special guests from DNR, the Candler County school system, Duck Conservation, local landowners and local newspapers.

“We took community members and those interested on tours to the ag shop to observe students in the act of building the duck boxes,” said Blake.

Battle Lumber out of Wadley donated the wood for the duck boxes, and Florida Hardware out of Soperton donated the poles that the boxes will be installed on.

To learn more from Blake about how you could begin the steps to implement a duck nesting box program in your school, email him at [email protected].


Metter High School students have been busy building duck nesting boxes to be placed in Candler County and surrounding areas.


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