Editorial-Opinion: What’s At Stake In Georgia’s Senate Runoffs?

Steve Burch | December 1, 2020

The election before us for two Senate seats in Georgia is attracting money… a lot of money.

These elections stand at a fork in the road. The results of these elections will determine which fork will be taken. We can see what has happened over the past four years. It’s the road behind us. Some like what they see, some don’t.

Sen. Schumer of New York says a win for Democrats will change the nation. It seems reasonable to assume he also thinks that not winning Georgia will not change the nation. What might the changes Sen. Schumer seeks look like? While none of this peering into the future can be certain, much can be forecast as likely.

As I see it, there are three primary changes that might follow a shift to a Democratically controlled Senate.

Change the Flag

The first change I suspect is a new flag—establishing two new states among these United States. By adding states, Sen. Schumer would also be adding a star or two to our flag, and either two or four new Senators. These new “states” would be Puerto Rico and Washington DC. When you vote in January, understand you may be casting the deciding vote on this issue.

Packing the Supreme Court

We have an odd number of Supreme Court Justices because from time to time, we ask them to do the job of Solomon. We give them life tenure, so they are shielded from political pressure. I think the issue Sen. Schumer has with the court is less with the court and more with an objection to the Constitution that the court defends.

I value the protection of the Constitution because it limits the power of the government over my life. Packing the court is designed to install new justices who would vote down its protections; otherwise, there would be no advantage for them to do it. When you vote for Senator, understand you may be casting the deciding vote on this issue.

Change the Second Amendment

One of the Constitution’s protections is the Second Amendment. A new U.S .Attorney General (AG) is coming. Whoever is nominated by the president must be approved by the Senate; by the Senators you will vote into office. I don’t know who might be nominated, but the current AG in California is in the running. His rating by the NRA is F.

If facing a Republican-majority Senate, perhaps someone so anti-constitution would not be nominated, and if nominated, not confirmed. It would be un-American to install as the chief Law Enforcement officer of the country a person who is dedicated to destroying the very Constitution his oath is sworn to protect and defend. When you vote for Senator, understand that you may be casting the deciding vote on the survival of the Second Amendment.

As I see it, never before in my lifetime has so much rested on the outcome of the vote in one state.

Perhaps you see other possibilities, other outcomes, in how these Senate races turn out. That right there is the essence of our country—freedom of opinion, and the right to vote. The future is in your hands, in your vote.

Make the most of it.

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