Days GON By – October 2017

GON Staff | October 1, 2017

Each month we turn back the clock to see what was being reported in the pages of GON, 30, 20 and 10 years ago. Here’s a look back at what appeared in GON.

30 Years Ago: October 1987
Deer Hunting in 1957: GON took a look back at the state of deer and deer hunting three decades earlier. The year was 1957, now 60 years ago. There was no Interstate 75, no Sunday football on TV, almost no air conditioning and very few deer.

This map is the 1957 deer situation in Georgia. You’ll notice that with a population of 45,000 deer, 59 Georgia counties didn’t even allow deer hunting. There was no antlerless hunting in the state, and a hunting license was the only thing you needed to hunt deer, and it only cost $2.25.

30 Years Ago: October 1987: Story Appears About Harry Cannon’s Record Buck From Oglethorpe County

Harry Cannon’s 170 2/8-inch B&C was killed in 1971. The photo was published in a story called “Oglethorpe County: No. 1 For Whitetails.”


20 Years Ago: Colquitt County Sheds, Buck Would Made Record Book

October 1997: John Weaver had a pair of deer sheds scored that had been picked up by his uncle James Weaver in Colquitt County in the early 1960s. John had the sheds put on a deer mount. Of course the deer couldn’t be put into any official record books, but it’s still impressive. Giving it a 19 6/8-inch spread, the buck grossed 198 4/8 inches and netted 176 6/8 typical.


10 Years Ago: October 2007: Irwin County Buck Has A Bad Day

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s around, does it make a noise? It probably did for one Irwin County 8-pointer that was pinned under a pine tree. Bucky Tyler, of Ocilla, found the dead deer.

“Me, daddy and one of our helpers saw a bunch of buzzards out there in the pines next to the fields,” said Bucky.

The dead buck was pinned under a pine tree that appeared to have some pine beetle damage.

“The tree probably fell during the night,” said Bucky. “The weather got really rough the week before we found it. Two or three times we had some strong thunderstorms come through. I guess he was bedded up. There was some briars, dog fennel and stuff.”

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