Southern Reflections with Scott Hodges

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Skin And Cape A Buck

Last month when deer processors across Georgia were full and not taking deer, we showed how to skin and quarter a deer on the tailgate. Now, let’s show how to skin a buck properly, so the cape is in great shape for a taxidermist. Scott’s video blog Southern Reflections With Scott Hodges appears regularly at…

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Skin A Deer – Tailgate Deer Processing

Every November when the rut kicks in and either-sex days open in many counties, there are deer processors across Georgia that fill up and are not able to take any more deer. A deer hunter should know how to quarter a deer and get that meat in a cooler. Here, Scott Hodges shows us on…

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Ross Kills A Hoss!

Scott Hodges gets to interview his 12-year-old son Ross after the young man downs a super 8-point buck in Crawford County, Georgia.   Scott’s video blog Southern Reflections With Scott Hodges will appear regularly at Scott Hodges, of Byron, owns Southern Reflections Taxidermy and has long been a GON contributor. If you have ever…

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Chad Green’s Twiggs County Buck

While on a photo shoot for a potential cover for GON magazine, Scott Hodges spoke with Chad Green about his buck taken in Twiggs County. Chad had passed the buck for several years, and this season the big 10-pointer grew an impressive rack. To read about Chad’s hunt and his history with the buck, check…

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