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Between The Solar Panels And The Pine Trees

  If you drive west through Taylor County, then you have probably seen it. It doesn’t look like much, but there is a piece of land sitting there in the middle of all the new solar panels that means more to me than any other piece of ground on this planet. The deer hunting that…

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The Story Of Hank… And Hank Jr.

My wife, Taylor, killed her first buck in 2013 soon after our first son Charlie was born. Last year in December she was able to take an awesome buck that we had named “Ghost,” but that is a different story. This story is about a buck named “Hank.” The story of Hank begins with only…

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9-Year-Old Charlie Drops “Droopy”

My 9-year-old son Charlie has had some very good luck hunting so far. He was able to tag out on bucks last year. Those were his first two deer ever. This year he had an ancient buck that he wanted to kill. The buck didn’t have the best rack, and I told Charlie after he…

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