Boars N Broads Goes West

Boars N Broads | April 5, 2022

Ryne and our buddy Josh Stander and I took our dogs out to Winnfield, Louisiana to the biggest Hog Dog Field Trials in the world, Uncle Earl’s. Champ was able to put together a good run and came home with a tie for 2nd place in the Woods Dog classification. After our first two-dog run caught out, we decided to donate the rest of our runs and head further west, to Beaumont, TX. There we met up with our buddy Garrett Picou and caught a stud barr hog along with about 7 other good hogs. It was a great trip, but I don’t miss that ride home at all.

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Carter Shultz and Ryne Rankin have a passion for hunting and dogs. They decided years ago to begin filming their adventures to bring people “The Realest Dog Hoggin’ Content On The Internet”.  Hence, Boars N’ Broads was born. BNB focuses on producing real, authentic and action packed footage of the sport they love. The mission is to showcase the ability of the dogs while increasing the knowledge of the sport they love. 

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