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Boars N Broads Goes West

Ryne and our buddy Josh Stander and I took our dogs out to Winnfield, Louisiana to the biggest Hog Dog Field Trials in the world, Uncle Earl’s. Champ was able to put together a good run and came home with a tie for 2nd place in the Woods Dog classification. After our first two-dog run…

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One On One, Dog Versus Hog

This time we took Champ out in Rutledge, GA for a solo run and got up close and personal with a big mean sow. Champ is considered a rough bay dog, which means he will bay by himself until another dog gets there, and then will help catch. In this instance, I was the other…

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Boars And Boats

Champ and me went down to Florida to hunt with my good buddies Hunter Boyd, Jordan Tanner, and Nick Perrone. We had a great time catching hogs and ripping around on the air boats. For a Georgia boy that’s always lived in the briars and clear cuts, the open orange groves and grass flats were…

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Rainy Day Hog Dog

This big nasty boar was taken one night in some steady rain in Rayle, GA. Ryne and I struck out with about an hour and a half window between rain waves, and I’m glad we did. We ran up on this pig about 5 minutes out of the box. At first I thought he was…

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Georgia Hog Doggin’

This time we were collecting video down in Shady Dale, GA with our good buddies Brian John and Wes Wilson. We were able to get on a few solid pigs that day and everybody had a good time. Leah John, Brian’s daughter, proved herself to be the hand of the day after tying a couple…

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Big Georgia Boar Hogs

Close to the house over in Rutledge, Georgia filming this video with Brian and Wes. We started the morning slow, walking for a couple hours with no fresh sign, but when we finally found them, it was chaos. We had dogs scattered all over the place and were able to catch a couple big boars.…

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A Georgia Giant

We took Champ up to hunt with my good buddy Luke Gunter in Clermont, GA. The land we were hunting was right along the Chattahoochee River, and the only way to get there was by boat. We loaded up the dogs and headed out. After about two hours and a couple unsuccessful jumps, we finally…

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