photo of a deer killed by Zachary Westphoto of a deer killed by Zachary Westphoto of a deer killed by Zachary West

Hunter: Zachary West

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Dougherty

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Finally got him! I’ve been after this biggan for two years! In those two years I’ve seen him twice and I've shot him twice! I saw him last year on camera and immediately decided I was going to pursue him only! I saw him last year only once and he was chasing a doe in hot pursuit, and I shot him with my .243. He ran and bled for 200 yards and dried up! I called a blood dog and tracked him another two miles. We decided I’d only cut him! I later caught him on camera last year to my relief! This year I got him on camera around the rut and I was pumped for this season! I saw and killed a 10-point earlier this season who I thought was him till I walked up on him! I continued the hunt for the biggan! On camera he was nocturnal with the exception of one week during rut and I was outta town on vacation! I hunted him on and off in the late season when I could. The last day of the season upon me and I was in the stand thinking well heck he eluded me again! It was getting late and a 6-point and a 7-point walk out into the plot. They were very anxious like there was something else out there! They stood at attention and out walks a spike. I was beside myself, dang spike! Then they stood up erect all 3 bucks, as I scanned the area through my scope! Out of the tall grass he emerged, huge I said! Made the others look like Bambi! He made it to the plot with minutes of daylight left as soon as he turned broadside I sent one to him. All four bucks exploded in four different directions and I didn’t know which one was him! My heart was pounding! I got outta the stand and walked to the Jeep to ensure he had enough time to die peacefully! I returned 30 minutes later only to find three very small specs of blood! I made some loops in the directions I thought they went and didn’t find and sign of blood! I had no idea which way he departed the plot! So I played it smart and called the blood dog! The dog showed up an hour later and we commenced the hunt! We looked for two hours and the dog never found his trail! I payed the man for showing up and hung my head as we gave up hope of finding him! I went home and finally found sleep! Today I decided to return to the plot after work with corn and fresh SD cards in hope of seeing him alive again! As soon as we rounded the corner to the plot I saw him laying in the tall grass not 30 yards from where I shot him with a broke shoulder and no blood at all! I was overwhelmed I had given up hope and was disappointed in my marksmanship! I’m so thankful and blessed to finally claim this trophy!
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