photo of a deer killed by Zachary Westphoto of a deer killed by Zachary Westphoto of a deer killed by Zachary West

Hunter: Zachary West

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Dougherty

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Two small bucks were in the plot grazing when I walked up to my stand around 3 p.m. I climbed up without them noticing. They left probably 10 minutes after I sat down. Within 10 minutes a young 8-point cautiously approached the plot. For 20 minutes he ate and grazed, he never got comfortable. He finally wandered out of the plot. Four turkeys came from behind my stand down the hill to the food plot and crossed without stopping. I look up, and there he was slowly approaching the food plot, but he stops and detours into the tall grass and stands there like he is hiding. I look at him through my scope as I try to recognize him from my trail-cam photos. I see that he is a 10, and my heart rate increases. Standing in the tall brush his head is all that is visible. An 8-point walks right by him and proceeds to the plot. When the 8 reaches the plot and starts eating, the 10 emerges out of the brush and back onto the path. He is very cautious and I can tell he is wiser than the smaller bucks. He stops and looks around. He is facing me at 150 yards when I decided to take him.
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