photo of a deer killed by Zach Peasterphoto of a deer killed by Zach Peasterphoto of a deer killed by Zach Peaster

Hunter: Zach Peaster

Points: 13 (6L, 7R)

County: Macon

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

We have had 3 years of history with this buck. We knew last year he was going to be something special this year if he made it. We started getting pictures early this summer and he blew up from last year. He was coming every afternoon to feed. July rolled around and every 7th day he was showing in the afternoon, then in August he started showing up every 5th day in the afternoon. Then on Sept. 12 it was the 5th day but he showed up for the first time all summer long around 7: 30 a.m. I had a good feeling about that afternoon. I knew he was going to be my biggest buck and first full velvet buck, so I wanted to make sure I gpt good film of the hunt. So during the early part of the hunt I saw a few small bucks and does. Then around 7:30 p.m. I saw a decent buck headed toward me up the powerline. He came within 30 yards and turned into the woods. So I went ahead and grabbed my bow and got my camera turned on. Few minutes later that buck come back out, and so did my No. 1 target buck along with a few more deer. I immediately focused my camera on the big deer, and after about 7 minutes he provided me with 32-yard broadside shot. I smoked him. I was super pumped. I went back to review my shot but then realized I never hit the record button... just my luck. Started tracking and he only went 75 yards. Needless to say I will never forget this hunt. Hunt of a lifetime!
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