photo of a deer killed by Zach Johnsonphoto of a deer killed by Zach Johnsonphoto of a deer killed by Zach Johnson

Hunter: Zach Johnson

Points: 8 (3L, 5R)

County: Colquitt

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

When I got off work and was home I almost talked myself out of going but decided to go anyways the weather turned sour on the way to my blind but decided to tough it out anyways as the rain and wind came and went I was hopeful I saw a small buck come out and feed a little along the edge of my field on some acorns and then walk on but when he got to the end of the field he looked to his left and then bolted into the woods I thought it might have been a coyote or another predator so I made sure my rifle was ready for whatever came out next and then about 20 minuets later I caught a glance of another deer and I lifted my binoculars and saw this buck walking towards me I put my binoculars down and got my rifle ready and he finally gave me a broadside shot at about 83 yards and the rest is history
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