photo of a deer killed by Zach Cookphoto of a deer killed by Zach Cookphoto of a deer killed by Zach Cook

Hunter: Zach Cook

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Dawson

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Had the first picture of the deer back in 2019. This deer would show up every year the week of Thanksgiving or the first week of December and then disappear again. Really hunted the deer hard last year when I got the first picture. Unfortunately, I saw him one morning after I had already killed my 2nd buck and had to watch him walk off. I put my Dad on the deer and he ended up seeing it a week later but it just never worked out for a shot. It was mid 30's, steady breeze and it was starting to rain. I texted my dad who was hunting two ridges over that I was getting down since I did not have my rain gear on. I eased/hunted my way out when I saw a buck trotting on the adjacent ride. I saw horns but didn't know it was him until I got him to stop and he turned and I could see those huge brows. The rest is history and I got my biggest buck to date. 22" wide inside and 25" main beams with great mass throughout. 146 2/8" gross
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