photo of a deer killed by Wyatt Hutchesonphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Hutchesonphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Hutcheson

Hunter: Wyatt Hutcheson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Camden

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

All day long was spent wanting to be hunting after having pictures of several nice bucks the night before. Around 3:00 PM I left home to go to our lease to check feeders and fill them up. I went to the lease and left to go fill up feeders. I filled up two feeders and then decided to go ahead and get in my ground blind. I got in the blind at 4:11 and sat for a while without seeing anything. At around 5:15, I caught movement to the left of my blind. When the deer walked through an opening, I immediately recognized the deer as the one we had nicknamed “Mr. Big.” I grabbed my rifle and got ready for the shot when he walked into the next opening. I squeezed the trigger and he pitched off to the side where I realized that I had missed him completely. I immediately put another bullet in and settled back on him. I squeezed the trigger and this time he dropped where he was. “Mr. Big” was on the ground and a couple years of hunting him was over for us. This is definitely a buck to remember for us on our lease.
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