photo of a deer killed by Wyatt Holtonphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Holtonphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Holton

Hunter: Wyatt Holton

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Lee

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

My son and I had seen this buck several times from a distance while we were sitting on another stand, but we had to wait till the wind was right to go into this particular food plot. As we made plans to go to the stand that afternoon I told him if that buck showed up he needed to shoot him, because he was definitely one to be proud of. I also explained to him since it would be the second buck for the season he could only shoot does the rest of the time. He said he wanted to shoot a doe instead, but as we started seeing bucks come into the food plot he got excited and told me he might change his mind if the big one shows up. After about 30 minutes of watching several bucks feed in the plot the big buck stepped out of the woods. I gave my son the binoculars and told him it was decision time and it was all up to him. One look through the binoculars and he said he was definitely going to shoot him. The buck eventually turned broadside and he made a perfect shot behind the shoulder and he ran just inside the woods and piled up. Great old buck to tag as your second one for the season!
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