photo of a deer killed by Wyatt Brannenphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Brannenphoto of a deer killed by Wyatt Brannen

Hunter: Wyatt Brannen

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Worth

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

It was Friday afternoon, and I left school a little early so I could go check some of my trail cameras. I had planned on hunting a different deer than the one I killed that afternoon. As I was walking to the stand that I decided to sit in, I noticed a bunch of scrapes along the road. That gave me a good feeling. I got in the stand about 5:50 p.m. and after about 30 minutes two young bucks came up out of the bottom and started feeding. About 20 minutes later the deer started pouring in. By 6:50 I noticed that one of the does walking up kept looking behind her. That’s when I saw the top of his rack coming over the grassy hill. I could feel the wind hitting me in the back, blowing straight to him. I started to get nervous then and so many things started going through my head. Was I going to miss, was he going to smell me, are the other deer going to spook him? He stood for a minute watching the other deer feed, and then he came in hot and heavy. I ranged him at 23 yards while he sat there feeding. He was standing broadside, so I couldn’t get a good shot on him. Finally he turned and quartered to me just a little so I drew my bow and settled the pin right on his shoulder, and slowly squeezed my release. I looked up after I shot and saw my lighted knock had hit him perfectly where I was aiming. He ran down toward a small cypress pond and before he could make it to the edge, he stopped in some tall brown grass and finally took the fall. I was so excited about killing this deer because I had seen him one time last year hunting and I knew we would meet again. I went and picked up the other guests that I had hunting that day and we went back to track him. There was a great amount of blood and we found him in a matter of five minutes. I was stunned when I put my hands on him, to see how big he was. He is definitely the biggest buck I have killed with my bow.
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