photo of a deer killed by William Clarkphoto of a deer killed by William Clarkphoto of a deer killed by William Clark

Hunter: William Clark

Points: 14 (6L, 8R)

County: Thomas

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go hunt after a week of poor weather. A week ago it was cold and very windy the last time that I had gone. Then it rained for three or four days and I mean really rained and to the tune of about 7 inches. For about two days after that there was so much water in the woods I would have needed a snorkel to follow a blood trail. I did check my camera yesterday about noon and this buck was still out there the night before. I got to my stand about 3:30 and about 5:00 does started coming out one at a time until about 5:30 when there were at least 12 either at my feeder or not far from it. Then there was a lull for about 10 minutes before this buck walked slowly out of the woods. He started harassing the does, and after that he started following one doe that seemed to be leaving. I decided that I had better take my shot while I still could. The buck fell in his tracks, the first buck that I had ever killed that fell in his tracks. I couldn't believe my eyes — I wouldn't have needed a snorkel after all. PS: The only regret that I have is that I wish that one of my grandsons had been there to take that shot.
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