photo of a deer killed by Will Vaughnphoto of a deer killed by Will Vaughnphoto of a deer killed by Will Vaughn

Hunter: Will Vaughn

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Dodge

Season: 2016-2017 (Week 8)

Hunt Story

Ever since we saw the first trail-camera picture of this buck last year, I knew that he was a buck I would dedicate a lot of time hunting. He lived on our family farm for that year and was never seen other than on a trail camera. It was an exciting feeling to see this show up on our camera again in October. After chasing this deer the first two weekends of the season, I was hoping the cooler temperatures and a few hot does may get him on his feet in the daylight. The morning of November 5th, I made the trek through the cow pasture to the bottom where I thought he may be passing through. After seeing a few bucks chasing does, the action slowed, and I decided to move down the bottom a little closer to the creek. After spooking two does trying to move spots, I thought the hunt may be over, and I told myself I would sit until 9:00 and then I was going to find breakfast. At 8:50 I heard a deer jump the fence behind me. I was scared to move much in fear that I may spook another deer in this spot. The deer edged closer and I finally saw that it had something on its and head and it was not a doe. I flipped the safety off, and the deer started to walk toward me, that is when I saw the horns and my heart started pounding. He walked by me at 10 yards and gave me the opportunity to make a perfect shot. I jumped up and saw him fall, and couldn't believe it. I knew which deer it was before I made it to him, and could not call my buddy and dad fast enough. It was one of the coolest experiences to have a deer like that at 10 yards much less take a deer like that. It made it all the more special that I was able to take him off our family farm!
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