photo of a deer killed by Will Keeterphoto of a deer killed by Will Keeterphoto of a deer killed by Will Keeter

Hunter: Will Keeter

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Troup

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

My dad and I decided to go hunting for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon. I had never been to this stand before, so my dad took me to the stand and made sure I was settled in before he went to a nearby stand. I had been in the stand for only about an hour and a half when the deer appeared between my stand and the creek. The ground was wet from recent rain, so the deer did not make any sound walking through the woods. At first I could not tell if the deer was legal to shoot, but he finally moved to a position such that I could see his antlers through my binoculars. I could not get into a good shooting position at first, but when he but his head down and turned his back toward me I was able to stand and turn to make a good shoot. I shoot once and the deer ran about 30 yards down an old road bed and then into the woods. I heard him fall and knew I had harvested a good deer. I called my dad, who had heard me shoot, and told him I had shot a decent 8 pointer. He came to my stand and we began looking for the deer. At first we did not see it and when we went back to look for a blood trial I saw him laying about 5 yards off the road bed. With the help of a friend, we loaded the deer up on a ATV to get him out of the woods.
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