photo of a deer killed by Wesley Ammermanphoto of a deer killed by Wesley Ammermanphoto of a deer killed by Wesley Ammerman

Hunter: Wesley Ammerman

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Johnson

Season: 2016-2017 (Week 9)

Hunt Story

I was sitting in a ground blind on the edge of a hardwooded/pine side looking over a rye field. It was very overcast and windy. Around 5 o'clock five mature does walked out to my right and started feeding around 200 yards out. I had three really good 8-points on camera, and I was hoping one was going to walk out and give me a shot before it got too late. Around 5:30 the does started running the opposite way, and I looked through the binoculars thinking one of those 8-points were coming out chasing the does. When I finally got a good look at him, it was this 10-point and knew I needed to get a shot on him. He chased one of the does about 50 yards after stepping out of the woods, and I started grunting to get him to stop finally he turned broadside and gave me a shot, and I took it and right after the shot I looked back at him and seen he was laying right where I shot him and knew he was done.
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