photo of a deer killed by Wes Dorseyphoto of a deer killed by Wes Dorseyphoto of a deer killed by Wes Dorsey

Hunter: Wes Dorsey

Points: 6 (3L, 3R)

County: Treutlen

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

We have seen this buck on camera several times, but I have only seen him once on the hoof chasing a doe on 10/21/22 while muzzleloader hunting. I had not hunted this stand in over 5 days, but other members of the club had, and no one had seen him. I had a doe and a fawn come in early in the same spot about 200 yards from me, also saw a button buck right before I saw this buck, but he was in a different direction. I had to change positions and move my rifle in and then back out of the tripod stand. He started crossing the roadbed between planted pines, he stopped briefly, I believe he saw me move my rifle. I set the crosshairs on him and squeezed the trigger. He jumped and ran into the pines; I waited about 30 mins and then went to look for blood. He was lying about 25yards into the pines.
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