photo of a deer killed by Wes Dorseyphoto of a deer killed by Wes Dorseyphoto of a deer killed by Wes Dorsey

Hunter: Wes Dorsey

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Treutlen

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

It was an afternoon hunt, I was in a new stand location that we had put up a few months earlier. It was facing downhill toward a bottom, but was surrounded by large water oaks and pines. This was the first time I had hunted it this season. Everything was quiet until around 5 p.m., then I had a lone Gobbler come up from the bottom. He only hung around for a few minutes and flew up to roost. Shortly after that, the yotes started up. They were close so I got ready to shoot one if they came into range. They quieted down for a few minutes, and I let out a loud grunt call to see if anything was around. I had a tarsal gland from my muzzleloader buck, and I had had a lot of younger bucks come into it earlier in the week. A few minutes later I saw movement about 120 yards down into the bottom. I got my binoculars on it and could see a good buck walking across the bottom, angling up toward me. He stopped behind a large oak and was feeding for a minute. I took advantage of the opportunity to get my rifle up and get the scope on him as he walked from behind the tree. He was looking up the hill in the direction of the tarsal gland I had hanging in the tree in front of me. He gave me a quartering toward me shot so I took it. He ran up the hill and stopped about 30 yards to my left, he was hit but still on his feet. I chambered another round quietly and put him down. I texted my hunting buddies and let them know my buck season was over. What a way to end it on my birthday with an awesome buck!
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