photo of a deer killed by Wes Dorseyphoto of a deer killed by Wes Dorseyphoto of a deer killed by Wes Dorsey

Hunter: Wes Dorsey

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Treutlen

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had hunted the stand the evening before, I saw deer but not this one. The usual scrapes had not been visited for a while. When I came in the next morning, as I passed the scrapes they were all very freshly visited. I got in the stand about 15 minutes before legal shooting light. I made a little more noise than usual getting into stand, so I used the grunt call after I got settled as it was getting daylight. About 20 minutes or so I used a doe bleat. Within 10 minutes I heard a flock of turkeys cackling to my right, then I saw him coming from right to left from the clearcut. He stopped behind some trees and was looking around. He walked straight in front of me, stopped and looked in my direction. I was frozen in place, I couldn't get binoculars on him. He started walking again, that's when I adjusted and got him in my sights. When I pulled the hammer back it clicked, he looked straight at me and I could tell he was a good deer. I put it behind his shoulder and pulled the trigger. He jumped, I got the binoculars on him and watched him run about 75 yard and fall. He didn't kick just disappeared into the tall grass on the edge of the clearcut, the turkeys were still cackling as the smoke from my muzzleloader drifted in their direction. I was shaking as I reloaded the .50 Caliber, not knowing for sure if it was a lethal hit. I waited about 30 minuets and was texting my hunting buddies that I thought I had Buck19, and I would go check on him when I stopped shaking. When I got out of the stand and made my way to where I last saw him, as I was getting there I could see him laying there. He was expired and I double checked poking him with the muzzleloader. Took a pic and sent it to my wife, and registered him on the Outdoors GA Game Check app. Then I prepared to start dragging him back to the roadbed about 100 yards where I could get him loaded up. My first muzzleloader buck was in the books. Another great morning in the the woods! Wes Dorsey
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