photo of a deer killed by Wendell Wilsonphoto of a deer killed by Wendell Wilsonphoto of a deer killed by Wendell Wilson

Hunter: Wendell Wilson

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Cobb

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

I hunt along a suburban creek where deer movement is funneled alongside a series of creeks. Typically I do not see any bucks until late October/November as they seem to only travel through the area to check out the does that frequent our creek. The only time this deer has shown up was on a single trail-camera video from last year. I was watching a group of 3 does and a fawn move slowly through the area when a large buck showed up and chased them away from my shooting lane. I was about ready to give up when one of the does ran back through the area, chased by the larger buck. He stopped in my lane with his head & shoulder behind a tree, so I was hoping he would move a few steps further so I could take a shot. After a couple of seconds I realized that I could see enough of him to go ahead and take the shot without him moving. I took the 33-yard shot with my crossbow and saw that I hit him behind the shoulder but thought the shot might be a bit high. I gave him an hour before looking for him. He had laid down and bled out, so it was not a problem to recover him. I was pleasantly surprised that he was the same drop tine buck that had shown up on the previous year’s trail-camera pics. The shot was fine – having passed through both lungs and provided an excellent blood trail.
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