photo of a deer killed by Walker Andersonphoto of a deer killed by Walker Andersonphoto of a deer killed by Walker Anderson

Hunter: Walker Anderson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Paulding

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Walker Anderson of Hiram, GA age 6. Walker has avidly hunted with his dad Sylvan Anderson since he was just 3 years old. On 12-4-22 Dad woke him up at 6 AM for the second morning in a row and Walker jumped up ready to go, unlike getting up for 1st grade! Walker hunted at his great grandad’s property on a hillside of pines/hardwoods near his fishing pond in a pop-up blind with his dad. The morning started out pretty chilly in the low 40s and the deer were moving! We saw 5 does, 1 button buck & a spike. Walker really wanted to take the spike but before he could adjust for the shot the old nanny doe ran the spike off. After running the spike off the button buck and all the does scampered off. Walker was discouraged by this as he has hunted hard this season and was growing impatient but dad said it’s not over yet, we’ve got to hunt hard! About an hour later at 10:05 we saw the figure of a deer coming through thick cover and then saw his antlers! It was the 8 pointer he had been trying to meet up with for quite a while! The buck stopped broadside at 50 yards when dad took the safety off the 7mm08 Remington Model 7 rifle and handed it to Walker. The deer spotted the rifle and was on high alert staring Walker down! Dad said, son do you have your crosshairs on him? Walker whispered back, yes on the “sweet spot”. The deer was on high alert and Dad whispered, shoot him son, shoot him now! Boom! Walker & Dad both knew he made a great shot! The deer ran 25-30 yards and crashed. The excitement Walker & Dad shared was better than any hunting experience Dad had ever had! Walker was shaking like a leaf with excitement and it was a moment we’ll never forget as long as we live! Once we found the 8-pointer Walker almost clicked his heels with excitement! We shared some of the biggest hugs and high-fives ever given. Walker & Dad caped the buck together and quartered the meat then took the 8-pointer to Mild 2 Wild Taxidermy in Dallas, GA to have him mounted to keep forever. Thank you Lord for this experience!
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