photo of a deer killed by Tyler Pruittphoto of a deer killed by Tyler Pruittphoto of a deer killed by Tyler Pruitt

Hunter: Tyler Pruitt

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Ben Hill

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 7)

Hunt Story

Halloween evening. Warm. SE wind, slight breeze. I spotted a few deer scattering in the timber right at sunset before noticing one larger doe in particular that appeared to be at ease walking with the wind at her butt, towards the food plot. I Watched her squat and pee, and right behind her another deer, which I assumed to be another doe, until I put my binoculars up to see the deer smelling where she had just took a leak. Turned out to be the number one buck I was after on the hitlist. I had several hundred pictures of him, none in daylight hours tho. So, It was evident at this point that the doe was clearly in heat or about to be. As daylight began to fade, he stayed within a few feet of her from the time I spotted them, all the way until she made it on to the food plot at roughly 150 yards from my set, where she started browsing on the plush green forage. Within the longest minute or so of my life, he also stepped out to share his last bite with her before he was layed to rest in his tracks.
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