photo of a deer killed by Tye Cottlephoto of a deer killed by Tye Cottlephoto of a deer killed by Tye Cottle

Hunter: Tye Cottle

Points: 11 (4L, 7R)

County: Tift

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

We have let this deer walk the past couple of years and he really blew up this year. The first picture that I got of him during daylight hours was November 22. I had the right wind and I decided to sit the next afternoon. I got in the stand early and had a couple of does and yearlings come in. At about 5:40 I could see another doe coming in and he was not far behind her. He stayed quartering to me at 34 yards for what seemed like forever. The doe finally turned and ran off and as he turned to follow her I drew my bow and bleated with my mouth. He stopped just long enough for me to let the arrow go. I could tell it was not the best shot and when I got down I did not find much blood. I decided to give him some time and get a dog in there the next day. It was a tough tracking job and we finally called it off. I decided to go back and search the area with the help of some of my family and I am sure glad I did. I found him on the edge of a thicket a few hundred yards from where I shot him. I am convinced the good Lord guided me in the right direction.
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