photo of a deer killed by Ty Watersphoto of a deer killed by Ty Watersphoto of a deer killed by Ty Waters

Hunter: Ty Waters

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Macon

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

So I had saw a couple deer in the stand but nothing really big enough shoot. About 7:00 I had a couple deer at the feeder, and I heard my cousin shoot. So about 5 minutes after he shot he called me and said he had just dropped a big one. They told me to get down in about 10 minutes, so I got down about 7:10 because there were deer still out in front of me. Soon as the deer left I got down and started walking to the field were my cousin had shot his. I was on the phone with my other cousin, and I got about 50 yards away from the edge of the cotton field and told him I think I see a deer. I was looking at it through my scope and notice it had 5 points on one side. Then it looked at me and I told my cousin, I see a monster, he told me to shoot it. I was standing and had a hard time keeping the crosshairs on him, so I decided to go to the ground and shoot prone. I took off my bag and laid it on the ground in front of me to rest my gun barrel and waited for him to turn broadside. As soon as he did I knew exactly what deer this was, because we had trail-cam pictures of him. I clicked the gun on fire and let him have it. He was about 200 yards away. After I shot, my cousin came running up behind me asking me if I hit him, and I knew I had by the sound of the bullet. We walked up to were he had stood and looked for the blood trail. We jumped him not far from where we had first found blood. After he did that we decide to give him some time to die, so we went to get my cousin's deer and loaded up. After we loaded it up we road back over to were my cousin had jumped the buck. There was a good blood trail for about 50 yards and then he just stopped bleeding, so we decided to call Scott Lopez to help us track. It didn't take Scott's dog long to get on the scent. The dog Zaiva found the buck dead over 300 yards away. The shot was back and a little high, but at 200 yards I'd say it was a pretty good shot. We had a long night in the woods but it was worth it. We didn't get home until about 2:30 because we had to gut the deer and hang them up at the processor.
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