photo of a deer killed by Tucker Robisonphoto of a deer killed by Tucker Robisonphoto of a deer killed by Tucker Robison

Hunter: Tucker Robison

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Spalding

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Food plots are turning green, deer started to come into the food plot early on, two spikes came in first. Being that it was Tucker's first deer, I told him to take a shot at one of the spikes in the field. He looked thru the binoculars and said, “No Daddy that’s not what I want for my first deer, I want a big deer for my first one.” We sat and watched for an hour or so, more and more deer started coming into the food plot. I noticed a larger deer come into the hunt area. It was the 9-pointer I let walk the previous week. Tucker pulled his gun up to acquire the target and could not get steady enough to see the buck much less take a shot, “Daddy I’m nervous my heart is about to beat out of my chest.” Tucker was being so fidgety that he spooked the deer, and the buck ran back into the woods. We sat and watched the remaining deer continue to graze on the food plot. After 15-20 minutes the same buck came back out in the field, Tucker was still nervous and fidgety. I told him to close his eyes take deep breaths and calm down, that when he opens his eyes he needed to get on target and make the shot. BOOM! I knew he made a good hit soon as he shot. The buck turned and ran back into the woods where he just came back out of. The buck didn’t make it 20 feet inside of the wood line. Couldn’t be prouder of him! Best part is we have the hunt and the finding on the buck on video.
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