photo of a deer killed by Tucker Drewphoto of a deer killed by Tucker Drewphoto of a deer killed by Tucker Drew

Hunter: Tucker Drew

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Terrell

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

We got in the stand we call the Hilltop. It is a big box blind with wagon wheel lanes in all directions in front of you. My dad had this buck picked out as one that we needed to take out. He was an older deer and mature. We had been seeing him on the camera regularly over the last week right before or right after dark coming to one of our feeders. So we hope he was coming out earlier and not making it to the feeder till later. We had only been in the stand about 20 minutes when a small 8 point and 4 point came out to our left and began to feed in one of the lanes. They slowly made their way to the feeder fed for about 15 minutes then moved on. It got kind of slow for a few minutes so I asked my dad for a snack. He always brings me a snack bag and drinks anytime we hunt. So I ate my Cheetos and drank some Gatorade and as I was finishing up a small buck came out to our left again and began feeding towards us. My dad recognized that deer as one that had been traveling with the one we wanted to take. Another small 8 point came out, then my dad noticed another deer right on the edge of the planted pines kind of hiding. I moved the gun around where I could look through the scope and saw that it was the buck we wanted to shoot. He made his way down the lane slipping right along the edge. You could tell he was wise never stepping out into the open unless he had too. As he made his way down the lane he cut into the pines coming to our right. My dad said move the gun around and get ready when he steps out in the lane in front of us. Well he came out broadside and never stopped walking so I couldn't get a shot. He jumped to the fence where our feeder is and got directly behind the feeder and fed there for 15 minutes. There were two other small bucks in there with him but you could tell he was the boss cause he would run them off, then go back to feeding. Finally, the other bucks left and began walking to the back of the food plot. My dad told me to be ready. He is about to leave too. Then he jumped the fence and began walking straight away from us. He began walking broadside to us at the back of the plot. My dad said get up on the gun and when he makes a grunting sound to stop him put the crosshairs right on the shoulder and squeeze the trigger. My dad grunted and he stopped at about 150 yards. I put the crosshairs on the shoulder and squeezed the trigger on the .308 and he dropped right there and never moved. I was so excited. I think my dad was more excited than me. This is the biggest deer I have ever shot. He weighed about 215lbs he was definitely an old buck.
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