photo of a deer killed by Troy Hodgesphoto of a deer killed by Troy Hodgesphoto of a deer killed by Troy Hodges

Hunter: Troy Hodges

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Crawford

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

Got in my stand at around 4:30. Woods were very still and quiet for 2 1/2 hours without hearing or seeing anything. Caught a glimpse of some movement about 75 yards away. I had left my binoculars at home so I didn’t get much detail. It looked to be a medium-sized bodied doe. I didn’t want to assume that so I decided to grunt a few times to bring it closer to get a better look just in case it was a buck. After a few grunts I heard some trotting as it came closer but where the deer was now was too thick for me to see. Then I heard 3 short grunts. I stood up and turned around in my stand to try to see the deer. I heard the deer continue from left to right walking at a brisk pace but I still couldn’t see it. It appeared the sound of walking was moving away from me so I grunted some more. The deer grunted louder and longer than before and the walk quickened and became closer. The deer was moving right to left at 30 yards when I first saw him. Big body and not the deer I saw earlier. He stopped in an opening and I drew back, settled my pin behind the should and released the arrow. I heard the thud of the hit and the deer spun and ran hard straight away from me. I met my son Trace back at the house and mom had supper ready so we ate. It was 8:00 when we walked up on the deer about 55 minutes after I shot. Coyotes had already found him and started working on him. I’ll be taking a rabbit squealer to the stand with me every sit from now on.
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