photo of a deer killed by Tristan Cochranphoto of a deer killed by Tristan Cochranphoto of a deer killed by Tristan Cochran

Hunter: Tristan Cochran

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Calhoun

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

Me and my two best friends Griffin and Garrett went out Saturday morning on our last hunt of our three-day Chickasawhatchee WMA hunt and climbed in a pine/hardwood bottom. Garrett climbed 200 yards to my left and Griffin climbed 200 yards to my right. They both rattled and called early on in the hunt about 6:45 but nothing came of it then Garrett rattled and doe bleated around 7:30/45. Then at roughly 8:15 he text me and said there was a big buck headed my way so I got my gun up and started looking for him and not a minute later he snuck up on me about 30 yards away and I looked up at him and he spooked and ran about 60 yards away from me then he started quartering back to me and I grunted at him twice and he stopped behind two different trees then I grunted twice more and he stopped 40/50 yards from me and I took the shot. Originally we weren’t sure if I made a good shot because we only found two drops of blood but after we followed where I saw him run he only made it to the edge of the woods. It will be a hunt I remember for a long time not just because of the buck but because I had the opportunity to experience it with two of my best friends and all the memories we made in camp.
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