photo of a deer killed by Tripp Ewingphoto of a deer killed by Tripp Ewingphoto of a deer killed by Tripp Ewing

Hunter: Tripp Ewing

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Randolph

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

My Dad and I had this deer on camera for 3 years - he was blind in one eye and had a really cool “droptine” so we called him “Popeye”. The morning of the hunt we took our golf cart around the edge of a soybean field to a small road that led to my stand. My dad let me out and I walked in quietly to my stand. I saw a handful of does early in the morning then at about 8 o’clock Popeye walked out of the swamp in front of me and stopped behind a tree. I had just enough time to put on my electronic earmuffs - and when he stepped out he stopped at 40 yards and I made a perfect broadside shot with my 243. He ran into the woods and disappeared. My Dad came to get me with my mom, brother and sister - and we found him just inside the wood line - not 75 yards from my tree. It was a very exciting hunt and my biggest buck ever!
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