photo of a deer killed by Trey Kytlephoto of a deer killed by Trey Kytlephoto of a deer killed by Trey Kytle

Hunter: Trey Kytle

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Cobb

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Had this buck move into our spot in December of last year after my hunting partner took another buck. I hunted him the rest of the season without ever seeing him. As we were walking in on opening day of bow season this year, we bumped him and he left for almost two weeks. Once returning, I knew that I would have to take him in the afternoon because he stayed so close to the area over night that I didn’t want to risk pushing him out again. Saturday afternoon on the 26th of September my wife and I climbed into our setup around 3:30 p.m. with the wind in our favor and a great feeling that it was going to be an eventful afternoon. We sat all afternoon and didn’t see a single deer until he stepped out at last light. I anticipated him to step out and begin eating but he knew something wasn’t right. He stepped out into the opening looking around then turned back to leave. I drew my Mathews and sent and arrow. The arrow hit a little more forward than I wanted and I immediately felt like I had not only blew my chance but also just wounded this animal as well. Upon climbing down and inspecting my arrow I noticed I had made good penetration but didn’t get a pass through and my broad head had broken off inside him. We decided to back out and wait an hour before going in to look for him. When we returned to begin tracking, we found very little blood and started becoming discouraged. We kept looking through the thicket and found him 60 yards from where he was when I shot him.
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