photo of a deer killed by Trent Pickettphoto of a deer killed by Trent Pickettphoto of a deer killed by Trent Pickett

Hunter: Trent Pickett

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Baldwin

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I was hunting with my dad in a box stand overlooking a split food plot with a small stream ruining through the center. There was chickory on one side and wheat on the other that also had a gravity corn feeder on far end of it. We had hunted this location two evenings before and had this same buck come in late and I was not able to shoot him. This particular evening we had watched 6 antlerless and one small 4pt feed on the chickory for most of the sit, then he appeared in the top corner of food plot. The deer was about 130 yards out and I was able to get on him and get settled with some coaching from my dad. After the shot we waited a while and then went to search for signs of a good hit. Unfortunately there was not much blood due to not having an exit wound, so it took my dad and a friend quite a while to follow the blood trail and locate my deer, He only made it 75 yards or so from where I shot him. I was super excited and relieved to get my hands on him. He is my best buck to date and my dad is getting a shoulder mount done for me.
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