photo of a deer killed by Trenden Totherowphoto of a deer killed by Trenden Totherowphoto of a deer killed by Trenden Totherow

Hunter: Trenden Totherow

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Paulding

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

“The kid who wanted to skip trick-or-treating to go hunting” Trenden, my son, and myself have been hunting hard ever since the buck popped up early bow season. The deer held onto his velvet well on into bow season we could just never quite catch up with him until he came out in the field we were hunting on the evening of Halloween. Around 6:30, I told Trenden, ‘There’s a deer just popped out on the far end of the field about 200 yards away,' he picked up his gun and looked through his scope and said 'dad that’s him.' The excitement started right then. The buck was coming right to us on a line so I told Trenden to give him time don’t rush anything even though he was chomping at the bit. The buck got 80-100 yards away and presented him with a broadside shot and Trenden dumped him. This is the only second buck he’s ever killed. And the first buck he ever killed was 4 days prior on 10/27/2023 a little 6-pointer that’s he so proud of also. I couldn’t be more proud for my son, it’s truly awesome. Now he’s killed a bigger deer than dad and I’ve been hunting for 30 some odd years LOL.”
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