photo of a deer killed by Tony Mitchellphoto of a deer killed by Tony Mitchellphoto of a deer killed by Tony Mitchell

Hunter: Tony Mitchell

Points: 9 (4L, 5R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

This was the day after Zeta blew through. The winds were still gusty but the temps had dropped so I had to get in the woods! Right at 1st light I saw the 1st deer, a small buck. Around 7:45 a doe and yearling showed up browsing around until 8:15 or so when a basket 8 came in grunting and ran them off. He came back through about 5 minutes later but continued on his way. Right at 9:00 I just happened to look over to my left where there are several good rubs and and a couple scrapes and there he was. He was working a scrape and had his head up in a licking branch. I went ahead and got him in the scope to see if he was a shooter. Soon as he stepped out of the scrape I could see his mass. I shot through a small opening in the thicket and took out both lungs. He ran downhill about 50 yards and crashed on the edge of the creek. I saw a good buck Friday evening of muzzleloader season out of this same stand but it was too dark to count points. This might have been that deer.
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