photo of a deer killed by Tony Howlingphoto of a deer killed by Tony Howlingphoto of a deer killed by Tony Howling

Hunter: Tony Howling

Points: 16 (8L, 8R)

County: Lee

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Normally when the wind is 11 mph or stronger on our place, the deer bed down and there is very little, if any movement. So after checking the weather for Friday on Thursday night, I had low expectations. I called my best friend/hunting buddy and even mentioned taking Friday off and going after them hard Saturday a.m. It was actually too late to cancel the hunt since we had already invited guests. Before ending the call and trying to maintain an optimistic attitude, I said “Who knows, a state record could be harvested tomorrow.” Friday morning from sunrise until 9, saw 2 does and a young 7-point. At 9, a mature doe came out at 80 yards and I had a quick glance at a tall tine a few feet behind her. Then as quickly as they entered the picture, both the doe and the mystery buck disappeared in the cover. Five minutes later, the doe came strolling by right in front of me at 65 yards. So hoping the buck would follow, I kept looking in the area trailing her and noticed an oak limb moving up and down while the wind was blowing side to side. Another 5 minutes passed and then he stepped out broadside at 65 yards and that was it. Want to add, that I am extremely pleased I did not cancel this hunt. Tony
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