photo of a deer killed by Tony Floydphoto of a deer killed by Tony Floydphoto of a deer killed by Tony Floyd

Hunter: Tony Floyd

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Jones

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

Today was the first day of the Oct. 17-19 2019 firearms hunt at Cedar Creek WMA. First day of hunt, I was in the stand before sunrise and left the stand at 11:00 without seeing a deer. After going for lunch and dropping by my sister's home, I returned to my stand at 2:15. At 3 p.m., I noticed a deer at the base of the hillside. It was feeding and walking slowly towards me. As the deer came closer, I notice it was a spike buck. He walked approximately 30 feet from me and I took pictures of it to post on Facebook to share with my public land hunters group. The spike was spooked by the Tink's deer lure scent and ran off in the same direction he came from earlier. After that, I only saw squirrels feeding on acorns for the next couple of hours. Around 6:15 pm, I noticed a deer walking at the base of the hillside where I first saw the spike earlier. He walked into the thicket and I noticed movement in the thicket from time to time. Then another deer came from the same direction and followed where the other deer had gone. A few minutes later a deer started coming from the thicket. First I thought I was looking at a doe, but as it came out of the thicket I saw an antler. I was thinking it was a small buck but as it moved further out to feed, the rack got larger like it was growing right in front of eyes. I put my scope on the buck and could tell it was a shooter for sure. I waited until he stood broadside about 80 yards from me and I fired. The buck instantly hit the ground and never moved again. When this day started out; I thought, "finally a fall day to be in the woods".
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