photo of a deer killed by Tommy Tabbphoto of a deer killed by Tommy Tabbphoto of a deer killed by Tommy Tabb

Hunter: Tommy Tabb

Points: 12 (6L, 6R)

County: Rockdale

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

It was a mild December afternoon with a very slight wind. I decided to go to my tripod stand at 3:05 pm. The first doe appeared at 3:45 pm, followed by her two yearlings. The mother and her young fed in a food plot for approximately ten minutes before I saw other silhouettes cruising through the woods. During this activity a spike briefly entered to feed. This pattern continued until 4:45 pm. All the sudden, the deer all looked up and briefly scattered. I thought they had seen me move, but on reflection, I believe they saw a large buck enter the area. Finally, the deer relaxed and came back to the food plot at around 5 pm. Around 5:15 pm, two does entered the food plot to feed for five minutes. Right after that a small 5-pointer moved in, followed by a large buck. Seeing the size of the larger deer, I immediately shouldered my rifle, took aim at the vitals, verified my target and squeezed the trigger. Feeling good about my shot, I waited fifteen minutes before leaving the stand. I immediately found good blood and quickly recovered the buck approximately 80 yards from my stand. My neighbor helped me load the buck into my truck and I quickly took the buck to the taxidermist. - Tommy Tabb
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