photo of a deer killed by Tommy Rountreephoto of a deer killed by Tommy Rountreephoto of a deer killed by Tommy Rountree

Hunter: Tommy Rountree

Points: 14 (6L, 8R)

County: Randolph

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

After getting to my stand, I texted to make sure other hunters were up safely in their stands that afternoon and let them know which stand I was sitting in. This stand overlooks a food plot and a large agricultural field. The hunt was rather uneventful for the better part of the afternoon. I saw a couple of small bucks come into the food plot after 5:30, and then another buck which I had seen on several other occasions at this stand. As they were feeding, one of the bucks started looking and acting nervous. This particular stand has two chairs in it, and I was sitting on the opposite side of the stand where the deer were feeding in the food plot. I could see a deer was approaching the other three bucks. When I could tell it was also a buck, I looked at him with my binoculars and he had his head turned looking in the direction from where he had just walked from. I looked at the left side of his antlers, and made my decision to try to harvest him. I needed to move to the chair on the other side of the stand, and was able to do so, and then successfully harvested the buck.
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