photo of a deer killed by Todd Jonesphoto of a deer killed by Todd Jonesphoto of a deer killed by Todd Jones

Hunter: Todd Jones

Points: 11 (5L, 6R)

County: Laurens

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I had a lot of pictures of this deer from the summer and during early season. He showed back up last part of October and I began hunting him. He was bedding in a tough spot to get close to. I was using my bow and in all I had four encounters with him. I saw him a total of three times from my stand before I was able to get him. He was running a doe or trailing one every time I saw him. He just never came close enough for me to shoot with my bow. After about four days chasing him with my bow I decided to carry a rifle as well as my bow. I knew my time was running out before he moved on to another doe and no telling where he would go. On the afternoon of November 2 I go to my stand early hoping for activity and to my surprise nothing all afternoon till the last thirty minutes of daylight. I had two does and a yearly come to 4S feed I had out and they fed probably ten minutes before another single doe showed up. I noticed the single doe had black hocks like see was using scrapes. I hoped maybe the buck would be following. I sat there with my bow in hand as the woods got darker and darker. Finally I saw movement in the distance and it’s a buck closing fast. I'm looking at the pin on my bow and I can barely see it. So I hung my bow up and picked up my 7mm08. As the buck ran in I was able to identify him as the Perfect 10. He stopped looking straight on At me about 45 yards away. I knew he was gonna take off again after the doe so I leveled off and put a shot right between the front shoulders and dropped him in his tracks. He is probably one of the most symmetrical bucks I’ve ever taken.
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