photo of a deer killed by Todd Feltmanphoto of a deer killed by Todd Feltmanphoto of a deer killed by Todd Feltman

Hunter: Todd Feltman

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Monroe

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

Took week off to hunt rut ... have had several recent trail-cam pics of this deer on some scrapes in this plot ... after sitting down for afternoon hunt ... saw small buck early .. had doe come out later ... then this 10-point ... he came out behind her ... think they may have been bedded down together close by and that she got up to feed and stretch her legs and he followed her around to be sure she didn't get to far from him ... shot him at about 175 yards ... thought I may have missed him as I didn't find any hair or blood ... it got dark pretty quick after I shot ... I looked pretty good. Went back and hunted same stand next morning with intent to look more after morning hunt ... saw doe come out of area they went off after my shot ... thought it could have been same doe ... but didn't see buck come behind her ... got down after she wandered off and went down and met my hunting buddy to look for hair and blood ... still could not find anything in plot .. decided to follow trail that looked like a potential trail deer he could have exited ... went about 20 yards .. found small speck of blood ... marked spot .. called hunting buddy over... He walked about another 10 yards and saw buck laying dead down trail. My best buck ever!
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