photo of a deer killed by Theron Hewellphoto of a deer killed by Theron Hewellphoto of a deer killed by Theron Hewell

Hunter: Theron Hewell

Points: 8 (5L, 3R)

County: Oconee

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I was hunting with my Dad early on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. We didn't see anything for a while, but then we saw two bobcats walk out to the food plot. They both lingered there until we saw them run into the bushes. Soon after that, my dad and I heard so many bucks and does chasing and being chased, grunting and following. Once, there was a doe that went down the hill behind us and about three bucks followed her. One of the bucks branched off from the others and came right behind me and my father. He then came on my side behind me and stopped in a perfect position and for a perfect amount of time. Then I raised my gun up, aligned the cross-hairs on the place that I wanted the bullet to hit, and squeezed the trigger until the gun shot. My dad said that I had made a good shot because he saw the buck do a mule kick. It then ran down the hill behind us and into the brush. I knew it did not run far.
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