photo of a deer killed by Terry Sinyardphoto of a deer killed by Terry Sinyardphoto of a deer killed by Terry Sinyard

Hunter: Terry Sinyard

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Sumter

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I had about a 25 second encounter on 11/25/20 when buck appeared at 300 yards across peanut field chasing does. No chance to take a shot, when does ran back into wood line followed by the big 9-point and two smaller bucks. Had to leave camp after morning hunt to return home for the holidays. The next day was the longest of my life, I told my wife the story of the encounter and we decided that I would leave early on Friday to drive back to hunt camp. On the morning of 11/27/20 the morning started slow with a small-frame 8 in the peanut field cruising for does, running around with his nose on the ground. At 10:30 a small doe entered the field at 300 yards with the 8-point behind her then the big 9-point entered and stood in a face on position, giving me no shot. The doe ran back into the oak bottom wood line taking the two bucks with her. My heart sank as this was the second sighting and no shot opportunity, I decided that I would stay in the stand the rest of the day if necessary. Two hours later the doe entered the field in the same location as before with the big guy right behind her. As he cleared the woods into the field, he turned to his left and I had the cross hair on top of the shoulder. When stopped walking I fired, and he spun to his left and ran into the oak bottom. It took me about 15 minutes to get my composure and to try and locate in my mind his last position as he left the field. I called my brother to come and help with recovery as it was getting hot, and we don’t like to walk around alone with the snakes that reside in our area. I walked to the last sight location and found a good blood trail leaving the field into the bottom. As we entered the trail turned to the left, and the buck had gone only about 25 yard form the point of impact, leaving me jubilant for this is the best deer of my life.
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