photo of a deer killed by Terry Chambleyphoto of a deer killed by Terry Chambleyphoto of a deer killed by Terry Chambley

Hunter: Terry Chambley

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Harris

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

I've been watching this buck for several months. As opening day came around, I had not seen him for several days. I told my best friend the only way I would take this buck is if he remained in velvet. I had seen a lot of deer the day I shot him. I had passed on several bucks that day because they had already shed their velvet. Sure enough I could see something walking down the hill on my right. I looked to see what deer it was and wouldn’t you know, it was the buck I told my friend I'd shoot if he was still in velvet. I couldn’t believe it. He was the only buck I had still completely in velvet. I made my shot and it was a little back far back so I let him lay overnight because I knew if I tried to go after him that evening I would just push him clear across the county. I was in doubt so I backed out. It was the right call for sure. I came in the next day and found him in the first bed he went to. This is my first velvet buck. Iv always wanted to get a buck in velvet so now the mission is complete.
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