photo of a deer killed by Taylor Morganphoto of a deer killed by Taylor Morganphoto of a deer killed by Taylor Morgan

Hunter: Taylor Morgan

Points: 10 (6L, 4R)

County: Schley

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

We’ve owned our 40 acres for 3 seasons. This buck showed up on camera at least a dozen times this summer and was really the only resident mature buck on our property. Due to the winds there were really only 2 stands we (my dad and I) could hunt the entire week. The day before we saw 17 (including this buck) but he was much too far to shoot. He was nudging does but not full on chasing. The next afternoon I sat on a long food plot 20 yards by 150 yards and at 4:30 he came walking up a trail into the food plot. He made a scrape then turned quartering to me and I shot him with my .243. Unfortunately I shot him a couple inches high and back. We waited 2 hours and went to where he was standing and heard some movement in the brush a few yards away. We backed out and waited 2-3 more hours and called Judy Catrett to bring her puppy Kwezi because we assumed he stood up and ran. Kwezi was on him in seconds and we recovered him. The processor was closed at this point so we iced him down and took him to Wallhanger taxidermy to be processed and mounted. Can’t thank my dad Jimmydale and Judy and Kwezi enough for helping recover this deer! It’s by far my biggest deer in my life!
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