photo of a deer killed by Tammy Emmonsphoto of a deer killed by Tammy Emmonsphoto of a deer killed by Tammy Emmons

Hunter: Tammy Emmons

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Hart

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I have watched this buck for over two seasons on our private land. He was a constant regular and the previous year he was a perfect 8-pointer. I had given him the nickname Popeye from his right front foreleg being enlarged from a possible injury some time ago. I have just begun hunting in 2020 and my first buck was a 6-point with no brow tines. This season I had doubts about harvesting this deer. I enjoyed watching him for as long as I did but knew his fate was coming sooner or later and if not by me it would be by another hunter. The day came Sept. 16th after we had a day of heavy rain and the rain let up just in time to leave overcast afternoon. That brought the bucks out an hour earlier. I knew that this had to be my chance if I was going to take him. It would have to be now and it would have to be a perfect kill shot or else I'd have to let him walk. The time ticked away as it fell darker and darker through my scope. Several times he gave me just a brief second to have a perfect shot but then the moment was gone. I kept my composure best I could until he finally presented me the perfect opportunity. It was over so fast. He ran straight to the edge of our property and fell. My first time getting to use my Tenpoint crossbow and my second buck ever. So blessed and thankful to have harvested this truly special buck. My daughter who is now licensed to do taxidermy was preparing him for a mount and found a bullet in that had been trapped near his enlarged leg. I was not the only one who admired him. But luckily he survived that shot to live on several more years.
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