photo of a deer killed by Steven Hudsonphoto of a deer killed by Steven Hudsonphoto of a deer killed by Steven Hudson

Hunter: Steven Hudson

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Worth

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

This story starts with the fight between trying to be a good student and employee while fighting the urge to go hunting at every possible free chance I can get. I am in my last semester of college trying to finish up my Bachelors degree, and with only two weeks left to go and the rut kicking in I feel like I am in a dilemma some days. I had been getting pictures and videos of bucks checking does all week while it was raining from friends. This didn't help my urge to take off from work and skip out on my very last in class setting. I finally read the news I had been waiting on all week, the weather folks said the rain would be moving out Thursday and a cold front would be moving in during the overnight hours. The forecasted temps would be dipping into the low 30s, and we would be getting the first frost of the year, and this was a day I wasn't going to miss out on. As I drove the 30 minutes to our hunting property, I noticed i hadn't seen a deer at all during my drive, which made me nervous about taking off from work. I was hoping I hadn't burned a day off just to sit in the cold for nothing, but little did I know the big man upstairs had a surprise for me. I reached my stand just before daylight and had about 15 minutes to kill before it was good light to see. I was sitting on a fresh clearcut, so daylight would be sooner than sitting in the woods. As the world woke up and daylight became brighter, I noticed two deer about 100 yards away in front of me. I raised my rifle up to look through the scope at the pair and noticed one of them had a nice rack. It only took me a few seconds to make the decision to take the shot and harvest the buck. With confidence I pulled the trigger and the buck dropped in his tracks. At this point all i knew was he looked like a really good deer, but I still didn't know how many points he had. I waited about an hour and got down to see what I had shot. As I approached the deer I noticed the horns didn't shrink but grew, and my eyes only grew bigger the closer I got. When I finally reached the buck, I was completely shocked to find out I had taken a really good 10-point. I give all the credit for this amazing hunt to the good Lord above who offered the right conditions that set this whole thing up.
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